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South Lenoir Church of God

"Welcome Home, Welcome to South Lenoir...
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                                                      Ministers Bio

Rev. Ryck Himes

Bro. Himes, originally from Florida is a Licensed Minister within the Church of God denomination. He has pastored the Cajahs Mtn. Church of God in Western, NC..! Bro. Himes and his wife Brenda have a Son, Mike, and a Daughter Jennifer, and several Grandkids...! Bro. Himes can be reached through this website if you would like for him to come and minister to your Church...! Just send us an e-mail, or you can contact us through our Facebook page here... God Bless, And Alway's Remember; "Welcome Home, Welcome to South Lenoir....!

Rev. Bennie Manning

Bro. Manning, originally from Henderson NC, is a Retired pastor from within the Church of God denomination. Bro. Manning has pastored in Illinois and in Eastern & Western, NC..! Bro. Manning and his wife Faye just recently retired from pastoring in Maiden, NC. They have 2 sons, Paul and Benji; and 1 daughter Angie, they reside in Maiden, NC... Bro. Manning can be reached through this website if you would like for him to come and minister to your Church...! Just send us an e-mail, or contact us through our Facebook page here... God Bless, And Alway's Remember, "Welcome Home,  
Welcome to South Lenoir....!